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Ad network
for buying and selling traffic

AdsCompass is a global ad network that offers mutually beneficial cooperation for everyone - webmasters, advertisers, media buyers, and ad networks. Today we work globally with more than 200 GEOs and can offer different ad formats:

  • Push Notifications
  • In-page
  • Native
  • Pop
  • Calendar iOS
Ad network
Available for everyone
AdsCompass has been on the market of digital advertising since 2013 and our experts know online marketing inside out. Having our own Ad Exchange and Self-Served Platform, we are able to provide all our partners multiple options to collaborate.
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Ad formats
Effective ways of advertising
Self Serve platform
Self Serve platform
Adscompass gives you the opportunity to buy traffic of different formats directly from our ad network! On our Self Serve platform the full functionality and various flexible settings for creating and following your campaigns are available.
Tools for webmasters
Tools for webmasters
We are ready to welcome both newbies and experienced webmasters on our platform! Here you can find all the toold (JS code, direct link, etc.) to create and manage your web resources online.
Get the full functionality to work with traffic. The deep analysis and also different reports by days and hours in the rel-time will give you the full control over your results.
We are an Ad Exchange platform with Real-Time Bidding (RTB), providing the option to integrate with SSP and DSP. By joining us you can multiply your results of buying and selling traffic.
Adscompass in numbers
Active advertisers
30 billions
requests a day
active publishers
Conferences visited
years on the market
Why Adscompass?
When it comes to advertising and content distribution, AdsCompass offers advertisers and publishers various effective and compelling ad options
Ad Exchange and a Self-Served Platform, OpenRTB, XML feeds and Json formats support, CPC/CPM business models
Impressive volumes of traffic
Various traffic types from more than 200 Geos worldwide will help you to increase your target audience
Direct advertisers
Having our own Self-Served platform, AdsCompass opens access to the direct advertisers
Real-time reports
Track your results and earnings using real-time dashboard
Accurate ad targeting
Ad formats target users by device, GEOs, carriers, OS versions and more
Our support team is always ready to help you with all your questions
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