Display is an ad format that takes form of visual graphics information on sites and in apps. It allows placing the ads and showing them on various ad spaces, thus we can reach a great number of users.


This kind of traffic comes from mobile devices: smartphones, tablets and other portative devices on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and other platforms. It can be generated from different sources: apps and sites of own property, advertising and social networks, targeted ads. Mobile technologies have no limits – use it to your advantage.


Video is a popular and fast growing type of ads. There are a lot of formats: pre-roll, fullscreen, overlay and so on. Ads are shown before the beginning of the video, which guarantees that the user will definitely watch them. Video ads ensure high level of user involvement, as it is possible to give much more information using them, than, for example, ordinary text-advertising or banners.


Popup is a banner or window containing an advertisement, which opens a new browser window hidden under the active window. The user has to respond to it anyway.

Pop-under ads are similar to pop-up ads, but the ad window appears hidden behind the main browser window. The advertiser`s site is automatically opened in a new tab with a single click anywhere on the page. This ad format is less intrusive, as it doesn`t impede a user's ability to view the site content.


Traffic from social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) – is one of the most popular traffic sources with wide users coverage. Almost every person on this planet uses social networks. Clicks can come from personal account, groups, apps and games, as well as direct advertising. A big advantage of social networks is the ability to reach wide range of users.


Mainstream is the traffic which is appropriate for the majority of users. Receive mixed types of traffic without limits. 100% of unique visitors.