May 13, 2020






Dear Partner!

We are happy to announce that we can offer you a brand-new format of traffic - Calendar notifications.


How it works:

1) The user subscribes to our Calendar.

2) The advertising notifications are added as the native scheduled events to the device’s Calendar.

3) The user receives a notification with your advertising offer and clicks on it.

Where it works:

This new format is supported on all the iOS devices - iPhone, iPad and even the Apple Watch.


Why you should try it:

- A higher conversion rate as it’s a new format to users

- Access to unique iOS users, which is considered valuable on the advertising market

- High CTR, as the ads are received from the standard iPhone and iPad app.


You need only the title, description and URL to start!

You can sign up here:

Registration link


Let’s try this new format together!


Skype: ads.compass

Telegram: @adscompass