Sep 07, 2018







We have good news! We launched our new Self-Served Platform and now you can buy traffic from our platform directly. In your advertiser account the full functionality and different settings are available.

Flexible settings of targeting for your campaign:
- Geo Targeting (country, region, city)
- Device Type (Desktop or Mobile)
- Operating system (OS) and browsers (with the option for versions targeting)
- Caps for frequency of ad showing from one ip per day

Setting of campaign timeframes and budget
- Setting of Daily and Total budget
- Setting of Spending strategy (equally during the day or without any limits for time and volumes)
- Minimum deposit- $50 only

Lists for optimization (white- and blacklists) by:
- Source Id
- IP
- ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Setting of the campaign:
- An option for creating multiple links and creatives in one campaign
- Choice of Payment type (CPM or CPC)
- Bids from 0.08 USD (CPM) for remnant traffic
- Bids from 0.3 USD (CPM) for mainstream traffic
- An opportunity for buying different types of traffic via Direct link
- A new opportunity for buying our own Push Notifications

You can sign up here:

Registration link

Our team is always ready to help you with setting of your campaign. Feel free to contacts us if you have any questions:

Max Sviridof | Head of Business Development

Skype: live:bizdev.adscompass



Customer Support Administrator