Apr 10, 2018







Adscompass is glad to introduce our own platform for Native ads! Last year our team has already presented the SSP and DSP Display platform, and that is the reason why we are sure that this new one will show amazing results!

We invite all the publishers to try the beta version of the platform.


The main advantages of Native are:

  1. Visibility

Unlike the traditional banners, Native ads is out of "banner blindness" zone, and it is shown among the website content

  1. Impossibility of blocking

Users cannot turn off these ads with Adblock

  1. Multi-platform opportunity and 100% coverage

The advertisement is visible everywhere- on the web and mobile versions, in the mobile apps, where one can hardly place the large-format banners

  1. The ability to publish the full advertisement, supplemented by photos, video, links and other integration that an advertiser needs.


For all the questions please refer to:


Customer Support Administrator

email: support@adscompass.com


Head of Banners and Native Department

email: banners@adscompass.info

skype: live:support_45469


Head of Programmatic Advertising

email: programmatic@adscompass.info

skype: live:programmatic.adscompass