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Oct 18, 2017






Hey partners,


Recently we've launched our own SSP (supply-side platform) for buying Banner, POP and Video ads on CPM basis, and we are glad to announce that it is showing great results already!

In case you're an owner of a website/s, AdsCompass can offer the best solution for your traffic monetization. We provide a plenty of instruments for working: banners, popup/popunder, back button code, redirect code. An impression will take part in real-time bidding, and as the result of it the ads of an advertiser that offered the highest price will be shown.

Our company works with various ad formats of standard (728х90, 300х250, 320x50, 300х600, 240х400, etc.) and non-standard sizes. To reach the highest revenue you can set the min price, your impression will be sold on and follow the stats in real-time.

We collaborate with many advertisers directly, therefore you receive the highest price possible.

You can launch a test with us and we'll analyze the most profitable formats, geos and categories together with you. Don't hesitate to sign up on our website and start earning money right now


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Feel free to ask any questions, we're always there to help you!

Daria Palmer  |  Head of Programmatic Advertising


skype: live:programmatic.adscompass


Anastasia Newkirk  |   Head of Banners and Video Department Anastasia Newkirk


skype: live:support_45469