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Display your ads inside the natural stream of users’ activity – this way the advertisement will not irritate user or create negative associations with the product.

Works on any platform – easy and intuitive. Native is guaranteed to not disrupt the experience of your site’s visitors.

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Native Ads

Our efficient strategies of native advertising will allow you to get:

  • WW traffic and demand
  • High CPM and fill rate
  • Full transparency
  • A solution that suits YOU, no matter what you are buying or selling


The most efficient and profitable technical solution allows you to find best ways to market your product:

  • Find your best working product
  • Discover your most engaging articles
  • Circulate traffic within different websites
  • Allow you to change and finetune any part of the process
  • Completely transparent

  • Completely self-serve

  • Access to qualified support 24/7

Native advertising

Users 25226
Impressions 190,613,742
Clicks 2,590,897
CTR 2%
CPM $3
Average Revenue $2571,5
  • Assortment of advertisers

    Get immediate access to a pool of advertisers ready to supply you with the high-quality ads you site needs. We are working with most large advertising networks worldwide – their DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) will make sure that whatever your traffic is, there is demand for it.

  • Convenient Ads

    This format is a balance between very fine targeting that allows advertisements to always stay relevant to the user – and the best user experience on the market, not disruptive and appealing. The experience is fully customizable – you will always be in control of what your user sees and when.

  • Fine Targeting

    The artificial intelligence that learns as it works will tune each ad to the user seeing it with the exactness humans can’t match. This will guarantee good user experience and high revenue.

  • Customize any part

    The system is intuitive and easy to use – we will provide you with the access to our platform where you’ll be able to change anything and everything to your taste. Stay in control of the experience your users will have on your site – choose Adscompass.